Two players take the roles of Avatars, assemble their own decks, and then cast a variety of elemental spells, summon powerful minions, and shape the world around them from their Atlas to increase their dominance and ultimately banish their foe.

Sorcery is a realm contested by Avatars with one goal: to be the last Avatar standing. In order to win, a player must first put their opponent’s Avatar at Death’s Door by reducing its life total to 0. After that, the player must then deliver the final Death Blow to the dying Avatar, which rewards them with the win. A player also wins if their opponent attempts to draw a card from an empty deck—either the Atlas or Spellbook— or if their opponent surrenders.

Sorcery: Contested Realm is played over a series of turns. Players take their turn, one at a time, following 3 phases:

Start Phase
Untap Step: Untap your Avatar, minions, and relics.
Draw Step: Draw a card from your Spellbook or Atlas. If you are the first player, skip this step on your first turn of the game.
Start Step: “At the start of turn” abilities trigger.

Main Phase
You may, in any order:
Cast spells; Activate abilities; Interact with relics; Move with a minion; Attack with a minion;

End Phase
Rest Step: Remove damage from all minions.
End Step: “Until the end of turn” abilities end, and the turn passes to your opponent.

Link to the campaign ( alpha edition ) :

Sorcery: Contested Realm TCG by Erik Olofsson | Erik’s Curiosa Ltd. — Kickstarter


  • Beta Edition set of four preconstructed decks (precons), one each of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.