Adventure + Supplement for the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular RPG!

Meet Tanares, a high-fantasy campaign setting for the world’s greatest roleplaying game ( D&D 5Ed. ). In Tanares, whenever war was waged, the bloodshed summoned a powerful, frenzied Dragon that buried the civilizations involved, resetting History and forever changing the landscape. This dystopian world is kept together and on a short leash by an Empire that forbids large armed gatherings. Under this decree, and without many powerful adventurers out there, your Team may become one of the most powerful units in the world, and effect real change to all aspects of the scenario. 

Link to the campaign :

Tanares RPG – 5e by Dragori Games — Kickstarter


    • [All Digital Books & Files]
    • Tanares Campaign Sourcebook (Hardcover)
    • Player’s Guide to Tanares (Hardcover)
    • Adventure in the Realms of Madness (Hardcover)
    • Hard slipcase ( BLACK )
    • Master Screen
    • Map (World/Imperial City) (Double-sided, A1 poster)
    • (FREE) Classes Pack
    • Applicable Stretch Goals