Senjutsu is a 1-4 Player Samurai Duelling Game with slick Deck Construction mechanics, simultaneous reveal combat and beautiful miniatures from a panel of sculptors. Control 1 of 4 fearsome Samurai, warriors bound to the Bushido Code, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.

Using Senjutsu’s Deck Construction Mechanics, forge a unique deck of devastating attacks, powerful blocks, timely mediations, and dynamic special moves. The intuitive card-classifying system makes forging your Samurai’s Ability Deck easy.

The Core Box includes dozens of different Ability Cards to shape your chosen Samurai’s fighting style. There are thousands of possible deck combinations available,

Gameplay Summary:

– Position your Samurai on the Battlefield.
– Draw a hand of Ability Cards from your 40 Card Ability Deck.
– Choose an Ability Card to use and place it facedown with the opponent’s card.
– Reveal the cards simultaneously and check the initiatives.
– Resolve the card and its effects.

Any Samurai who takes 5 wounds will fall… leaving the vanquisher victorious.

Link to the campaign :

Senjutsu : Battle for Japan by Stone Sword Games — Kickstarter

BGG Rating : 8.7

Number of players : 1-4

Playing time : 15-20min


  • Senjutsu Deluxe Edition
  • The Ghost In The Night Add-On
  • The Shadow Under The Steel Add-On
  • The Gathering Storm Add-On
  • When Two Worlds Collide Add-On
  • The Wolf At The Door Add-On
  • Senjutsu Legends: Musashi and Kojirō Add-On
  • The Winds Of Change: Solo Narrative Campaign #2
  • Ink Drop Miniatures
  •  Early Pledge Sleeve Pack
  • Quad-fold XL ‘Daimyo’s Castle’ Board