In this cross between Game Of Thrones and Monty Python become a medieval Lord and puppet master, and use your monstrous and loyal henchmen who will do ANYTHING to help their master satiate his thirst for prestige!

A second edition with a lot of changes: new gameplay, new design and even 2 new expansions to come!
These 2 new expansions will be included in the box during the Kickstarter campaign (from the main pledge). They also will be available separately as an upgrade pack for the ones who owns and supported the first edition

Henchmania is a strategic board game taking place in an odd medieval universe. Each player is the Lord of one family, among four. With the help of your loyal henchmen, capture parts of the city and use your influence to win the battle! The objective is to win as many prestige points as possible in four days, or to be the first player to reach 30 prestige points. There are many ways to earn (and also lose) prestige points! At the end of each day, everyone counts their points before the beginning of the next day.

So battle, strut, pray, denigrate… It’s a no-holds-barred war to become the new seneschal of Montfleury!

Link to the campaign :

Henchmania – Sbires: New Edition + Expansion by Jocus — Kickstarter

BGG Rating : –

Number of players : 2-5

Playing time : 45-60min


· The base game (core box)
· Expansion : The Sanctuary
· Expansion : Royal Visit (The Throne Room & The King’s Whims)
· All applicable stretch goals