Mycelia is a dynamic game of tactics in a competition for space and resources to create your own mushroom kingdom. The game follows the life cycle of fungi, a journey of creation, expansion, death, and rebirth — in game terms, growing mushrooms to score points, sporing them to expand your mycelial network, and eventually seeing them decay to unlock special actions.

On a turn, a player has two actions to perform from the six options available. Using your decay actions, stealing spores, and blocking other mushrooms are just some of the ways to get ahead in the game. Players can evolve their own playing style, perhaps playing more aggressively to steal other players’ spores or disrupt their mycelial network — or perhaps playing more defensively to try to protect their own area and spores.

The board is made up of triangle tiles that represent different environments and nutrients that the mushrooms need to grow. These tiles can be added to the board by the players, so the board is always growing and evolving.

Mycelia incorporates beautiful and accurate botanical style illustrations with over 69 mushrooms that can be found in the wild.

Link to the campaign :

BGG Rating : 7.2

Number of players : 1-4

Playing time : 70-90min


 Standard version of Mycelia plus :

+ KS Exclusive Australasia Expansion (18 additional cards)
Quantity: 1

+ KS Exclusive Deluxe Embossed Slipcase
Quantity: 1

+ 4 Cotton Drawstring Bags
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+ Any applicable stretch goals
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+ Three A5 Mushroom Art Prints (RRP £40)
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