Welcome back ashore! Merchants Cove: Master Craft is a big-box expansion for the critically acclaimed Merchants Cove.

Contained in this treasure trove of content is a new expansion (The Faction Festival), new modular content (new Rogues, Townsfolk), as well as four new expert Merchants.

In addition to the new Merchants, the Faction Festival also expands the game in a substantial way. A new board is connected to the bottom of the main board adding tracks for each of the Factions, and brand new mechanisms for each Faction to use. The Wizards will enchant your goods to make them worth more – while the Rogues will help you frame the other players, letting you get rid of corruption by pinning it on your opponents.

That’s not all! Enjoy a new Faction Hall (The Paladins), new Adventurers (Paladins), new Townsfolk, Rogues, and more.

Link to the campaign :

Merchants Cove: Master Craft by Final Frontier Games — Kickstarter

BGG Rating : –

Number of players : 1-5

Playing time : 60-90min


  • Merchants Cove base game
  • The Secret Stash expansion
  • The Innkeeper
  • The Oracle
  • The Dragon Rancher
  • Merchants Cove: Master Craft
  • KS Exclusive Game Maker Merchant
  • KS Exclusive Bonus Loot pack
  • Backer Built Rogue Pack
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals
  • Mega box with Game trayz insert
  • Thief figure & player board