You are a French cheesemaker in the early 20th century making, aging, and selling your artisanal cheeses. Become the most prestigious cheesemaker in all of France by running a highly successful creamery and crafting exceptional cheese.

Fromage is a simultaneous worker-placement game where players place Workers to make cheese and gather resources from the quadrant of the board facing them. Once all players have placed their Workers, the board rotates, aging any cheese that was made, and presenting each player with a new quadrant to place Workers into. Score Prestige Points by selling cheese to the four locations, and by efficiently managing and upgrading your creamery.

Link to the campaign :

BGG Rating : –

Number of players : 1-4

Playing time : 30-45min


Fromage (Limited Edition)
This roll-up mat is placed under the board so that you can smoothly rotate the board with just one finger. The mat rolls up and fits in the box.
Neoprene Lazy Susan Mat

108 Wood Tokens