In Coloma: New Prospects, the game becomes deeper and wider, with heavier mechanisms, more sophisticated engine-building, and added paths to victory. It also flips the script on the Boom/Bust system—making it so players want different outcomes depending on what’s at stake.

Base-game Coloma is the snappy introduction; with the New Prospects expansion, it is the full experience—a true gamer’s game.

Player Board Extensions and Waterfall Tiles
Each player board is now extended to include a network of wilderness trails to explore. Each time you Bust, you may advance one space. To trailblaze a safe path loaded with valuable bonuses, you can add Waterfall tiles (which replace the Rivers from the core game); otherwise, you may face a series of dangers along the way—and possibly lose some Dudes…

All-New Decks of Cards
Each player gets a completely new deck of Town cards to replace the ones from the core game. These cards offer a variety of advanced engine-building mechanisms, such as effects that get better each time you Bust, and cards you may place Dudes on for powerful, one-per-round actions.

New Rotating Barker Tile
The rotating magnetic Barker tile is replaced with a new one that offers more ways to gain Barrels from the Outlaws. It also brings Buster into the multiplayer game, where he moves from Site to Site, making it risky to go to the same place as him with your Pioneer—unless, of course, you want to Bust…

The expansion features all of these and more!

Link to the campaign :

BGG Rating : –

Number of players : 1-6

Playing time : 60-90min


Coloma Standard edition
Coloma Deluxe upgrade pack
Coloma New Prospects expansion
A Fistful of Meeples
A Fistful of Meeples – A Few Meeples More expansion
Coloma Big Box
Promo Cards pack