As a DM for many new groups, I found that my caster class players often found keeping track of their available spell slots a chore at best and simply failed to track them accurately at worst. On the back of this Dungeon Bones has designed the “Tome of Spell Holding” and now tracking spell slots is easier and more satisfying than ever.

Designed for 5e the spell tome gives you 22 high-quality ceramic poker-style chips, one for every spell slot your caster has. Simply prepare your spell chips at the beginning of your adventuring day, and return them back to the tome when you use a spell. As well as making spell casting resources easy for the player to track, it helps everyone at the table know what people have to hand, and the satisfying clink of chips only enhances the fireball you throw at the big bad.

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Tome of Spell Holding by Dungeon Bones — Kickstarter

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  • Set of 22 Spell Chip Tokens – Divine
  • Bespoke Gametrayz insert
  • Magnetic Tome of Holding Box – Divine
  • All Relevant Stretch Goals