The King is coming to the city and will feast at the tavern offering the most tempting banquet. Send your minions into the cursed forests to gather the rarest ingredients for your recipes. Magic mushrooms, wild plants, dragon eggs… nothing is too dangerous for the King ! Sharpen your blades and heat up your pans!

Taverns & Dragons combines dice placement mechanics with worker movement, in an adventure game full of heroes and dragons. At the beginning of each round, players roll their dice. Then, each player will play one dice, either to move a minion, get ressources or cook a recipe. Your minions may also collect ingredients, visit locations to get bonuses and engage in a risky (but rewarding) dragon hunt. Valiant heroes are waiting on the marketplace, willing to offer their skills in exchange for a few shiny coins…

To win the game, you must have the highest prestige points at the end of the game. These points are earned by cooking recipes, completing missions, engaging heroes and hunting dragons.

Link to the campaign :

Taverns & Dragons 🔥 by Lord Raccoon Games — Kickstarter

BGG Rating : –

Number of players : 2-5

Playing time : 40-60min


🐲 Taverns & Dragons core game
👿 Sneaky Goblin expansion
🔥 Solo mode against the Pyrodruid
🗡️ Quest cards