The human race has exhausted all the energy available on planet Earth. If they are to advance into an intergalactic civilisation they must harness the power of a solar system. They must build a dyson sphere.

Solar Sphere is a dice placement/manipulation game with elements of engine building, resource management, and set collection. Set hundreds of years in the future in a time when competition will move mankind forward, but when collaboration is also sometimes necessary. In Solar Sphere, each player commands a mothership. Their primary task is to build a dyson sphere. But, with crew to hire and aliens attacking the sphere, there are many other ways to earn prestige and become the saviour of mankind.

In this dice placement game, players can manipulate their dice using drones. However, players have a limited supply of drones, which are also used to upgrade dice placement spots or to support in fights against aliens. Players can always recycle used drones to get them back into their supply. Or, spend them for instant benefits.

Link to the campaign :

Solar Sphere: Harness the Power of the Stars! by Dranda Games — Kickstarter

BGG Rating : –

Number of players : 1-4

Playing time : 60-90 min

Contains :

Everything there is for Solar Sphere!


  • Solar Sphere base game
  • Solar Sphere expansions box
  • Solar Sphere playmat
  • Solar Sphere Kickstarter pack