Skytear Horde is a solo and cooperative card game inspired by tower defense video games. Waves of monsters will siege your castle all the while a sea of minions will pillage all your resources. Choose a legendary hero to rally the troops, defend the walls, and defeat the Outsider. Now go and fight, for the alliance!

The core gameplay of Skytear Horde is the combat between waves of monsters and your hero and troops defending the castle. If you played card battlers like Heartstone or KeyForge, you will find yourself at home.

You lose if your castle is destroyed or if your deck runs out of cards. On the other hand, to win it will not be enough to “just survive” the horde. You will have to find the resources to leave the castle and tear down the gates that are spawning the waves of monsters.

Link to the campaign :

Skytear Horde by Skytear Games — Kickstarter

BGG Rating : –

Number of players : 1-3

Playing time : 30min


  • Retail Box Contents
  • Magnetic Box (Kickstarter Exclusive)
  • Nupten Illusionists Expansion (Kickstarter Exclusive)
  • Utsesh Horde Expansion (Kickstarter Exclusive)
  • Deluxe Tokens (Kickstarter Exclusive)
  • Neoprene Playmat 30x80cm (Kickstarter Exclusive)
  • Applicable Stretch Goals