Deluxe Box Set of 250 Tarot Sized Magic Item Cards for the world’s greatest roleplaying game!

Deep in the mines of Nerdarchy the dwarven forge mages go at it hammer and tongs to make GMing easier than ever. The same minds who brought you the wildly successful Out of the Box Encounters for Fifth Edition have done it again.

What GM hasn’t grappled with the search for magic items their players have never seen before? Sure you could build custom magic items for every game. Or you could spend more time playing because we’ve done the work for you with the MAGE FORGE!

  • No more searching through tome after tome.
  • Bring excitement back to your games with magic items you’ll be as thrilled to present to characters as they’ll be to discover.
  • Make common magic items captivating and artifacts astonishing!

Link to the campaign :

Mage Forge – Magic Items for 5th Edition by Nerdarchy — Kickstarter

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INCLUDES: Receive the Mage Forge Box Set with 250 items to enhance your roleplaying experience!