A coin from a legendary treasure has just appeared, proving that it is not a myth and only you can find it.

There were a lot of temples dedicated to worship the sun, but there was a special one from the Kalinasu civilization that worshiped the moon and housed a treasure full of coins made with a special metal that fell from the sky during the full moon. This is known as “The Treasure of Moon Gold”, and a single piece of it would be worth millions. Your role will be to lead the search for the legendary treasure that was thought to be only a legend until a Professor found proof of its existence and a way to find it.

But you’re not the only one who wants to get your hands on the treasure. An unknown group is chasing the professor and she has had no choice but to hide and flee, for that reason she has sent you, the best treasure hunter, everything you need to find the hidden temple where the legendary treasure awaits.

In this journey you will not be alone, the teacher’s faithful assistant will accompany you wherever you need: in the heart of the jungle, in the middle of a desert or in the depths of the sea. He will always be ready to lend you a hand and get you out of trouble, although due to his clumsiness and his forgetfulness, it is likely

The adventure will be divided into 4 chapters. Each one will take place in a different part of the world with a totally different objective and tests that can be completed in an hour, like a traditional Escape Room. You can play them all at once or manage them in different days.

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Kalinasu: Immersive Adventure Escape Game by Key Enigma — Kickstarter

BGG Rating : –

Number of players : 1-6

Playing time : 240min

    • Kalinasu escape game including stretch goals