HEXplore It™ is a cooperative, hero building, adventure, board game system. The Sands of Shurax is our third title in the HEXplore It universe. It is both a stand alone game and an expansion for our previous Volumes. Journey into an entrancing land filled with danger and intrigue.

The Ravager has awoken! A titanic creature deposits Crystal Towers on the map while your adventure unfolds. Make your way across the desert to perform Missions, work with Caravan Masters, gain Employment, or even enter the gladiatorial Arenas. Battle through a variety of Encounters during your travels, or move carefully and see what other Excavations you might unearth. Power Up your heroes and choose one of the four scenarios to win. Can you save Shurax from the Ravager?

Link to the campaign :

HEXplore It: The Sands of Shurax by Jonathan Mariucci — Kickstarter

BGG Rating : 8.0

Number of players : 1-6

Playing time : 60-180 min

INCLUDES: SoS Bundle from Monstrosity pledge will get you the Sands of Shurax Core game, the Return to SoS Expansion, and the SoS Living Card deck.