• A Hamlet in British English is a small village without a church.
  • Hamlet is a medium weight competitive village builder where players are communally turning their hamlet into a bustling little town, by completing the construction of the church.
  • Hamlet features irregular shaped tiles that connect together without a grid to form a village that is completely different every time.
  • The tile placement organically creates interconnecting paths that the villagers use to access buildings.
  • Distance between buildings matters, as resources need to be transported from one building to another. This leads players to construct boards where no two games will ever feel the same.
  • Since the buildings are communal, this also creates a fluid economy, where players need to adapt to the emergent needs of their Hamlet.

Link to the campaign :

Hamlet: The Village Building Game by Mighty Boards — Kickstarter

BGG Rating : 7.4

Number of players : 1-4

Playing time : 60-90min


  • Hamlet: Founder’s Deluxe Edition
  • All exclusives and stretch goals unlocked