Destinies is a competitive, story-driven, game of adventure and exploration, mixing an app and a board game.

Destinies: Witchwood is a new expansion for Destinies that adds new scenarios for players to explore. The world is filled with folklore-inspired characters, monsters, and adventures.

In each scenario, players will compete to fulfil either of their character’s two possible Destinies. Players will develop their character’s skills, gather items, complete quests, and uncover thousands of words of rich narrative.

In Witchwood, decisions that players make in a scenario can drastically change the world the characters find themselves in and can impact later scenarios.

Link to the campaign :

BGG Rating : 8.3

Number of players : 1-3

Playing time : 90-150 min


    • Destinies Base game

      Neoprene player mats

      Destinies: Witchwood

      All That Glitters Scenario Pack

      Adversity Module

      Character Traits Module

      Deluxe Metal Experience Tokens

      Deluxe Point of Interest Flags

      Deluxe Destinies Storage Box

      Deluxe Destinies Storage Box