Creatures: Complete Monster Compendium 2 is the sequel of Creatures 1. This 400-page bestiary and toolbox features more than 180 illustrated creatures for all levels, including 150 entirely original ones and 30 great classics with a new spin such as the Aboleth or the Chuul, 5 playable species (Drow, Duergar, Sidhe of the depths, Grimlocks, and Svirfneblins), adventure hooks, new feats and handicaps, 12 original magic items, 8 original archetypes providing you with material to design new monsters for your games… and much more!

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Creatures: Complete Monster Compendium 2 for 5E by Jim Searcy — Kickstarter

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  • Creatures: Netherworld (PDF)
  • 📘 Creatures: Netherworld Standard Edition (Hardcover, 390 pages)
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