Ancient Blood – The Order of Vampire Hunters is a cooperative story-driven game for 1 to 4 players that can be played as solo mode, as standalone games, or as a campaign. Choose a story and begin your journey.
Be brave and wise, as every choice you make along your path will impact the game world. The wrong choice could awaken your most hidden fears.
Fight side by side with your fellow hunters like never before using combo attacks, get help from locals using your skills,  find all the clues that will lead you to the master of each Vampires’ clan, The Elder Lord.
Each story is based on a multiple-choice structure that helps to build both a meaningful and narrative story and the character development while allowing the player significant control over the story’s evolution. This kind of structure allows for great replayability.
Each story can continue in many different ways based on the choices players make along the way as their journey progresses toward the epic finale.
The same multiple-choice structure is also in the Location cards that compose the various Villages Players will find along the way. All the Location cards combined will give the players hundreds of different paths.

Link to the campaign :

Ancient Blood – The Order of Vampire Hunters by Dark Gate Games – Gamefound

BGG Rating : –

Number of players : 1-4

Playing time : 90-600 min


  • This pledge contains the Ancient Blood core game, The Unholy Cloister expansion, and all applicable stretch goals.
    Between the core game and the expansion, this pledge contains 5 unique stories for you to play!