You are a Centurion candidate. Before you will be entrusted to lead any of Rome’s legionnaires you need to be trained in tactics from small units to campaign size formations. Tacticum is designed to present different scenarios for you to work through versus an opponent, who could be another centurion candidate or one of the pesky trainers.

Link to the campaign :

TACTICUM INVICTUS. Command Your Legion! by Tony Ripley — Kickstarter

BGG Rating : –

Number of players : 2

Playing time : 10-30 min


    * 10 Original Scenarios and the Classic and Terrain boards.
    * Solo Scenario – “Secure the frontier!” and “Prisoner Escort”.
    * New Cavalry influenced Scenarios
    * New double sized boardAnd all unlocked stretch goals!
  • Additional Red and Blue armies (you will have 4 armies in total!)
  • Additional scenarios for combined forces